Eye doctor in Roslyn

Eye Doctor in Roslyn

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Eye allergies are uncomfortable and frustrating, but not necessarily dangerous. Even so, with symptoms that can make you feel downright awful, there’s every reason to seek out our help here at Roslyn Eye Centre. Our priority is relief for your misery, followed by preventing recurrences.

All allergies originate in your immune system. Your body senses a threat and it springs into action. It just so happens that the actions it takes typically means burning and watery eyes, redness, itching, swollen eyelids, and maybe even nasal symptoms, too. That’s the bad news. And up to 1 in 5 people get eye allergies. The good news is that our eye doctor in Roslyn also takes quick action to alleviate the effects, after a prompt examination and evaluation. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as allergy medication that you can get in your local drug store, but you may require a stronger version, which means a prescription from our eye doctor in Roslyn. Bedding materials are common culprits when it comes to harboring allergens. A three-pronged strategy that is effective is washing all your bedding in hot water of 130 degrees or higher, looking into allergen-resistant bedding materials, and changing an old mattress for a newer one, since over time your mattress can accumulate significant allergens. Our office also recommends staying inside when pollen counts are high, if at all possible. Shut windows and use air-conditioning instead. And don’t rub your eyes. You’ll only end up feeling worse.

Seasonal allergy time is nearly here again. But it doesn’t have to sideline you. Simply reach out to our office and let us arrange a convenient appointment for you to come in and see our eye doctor in Roslyn. Get the expertise and experience that are only possible with a specialist. You’ll find that it’s not all that hard to get the better of eye allergies.

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