Roslyn children's eyewear

Roslyn Children’s Eyewear

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Children’s eyewear in Roslyn

Excellent eyesight opens up a whole new world for kids. Your child needs optimal vision in order to do well in school, for reading, for using computers and mobile devices, to watch television, and to play sports. Here at Roslyn Eye Centre, we are pleased to have an impressive array of children’s eyewear so that she or he can enjoy the sharpness and clarity that enhance everything.

Parents often ask us about when they should bring in their child for his or her first eye exam. By the time that your child starts school is the answer. After that, every other year is sufficient in most cases. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism interfere with your child’s ability to see her or his best. Fortunately, with our Roslyn children’s eyewear, that all changes for the better. After conducting a complete examination, our pediatric eye doctor will be able to determine, with completely accuracy, which prescription is most suitable to your child’s needs. Our optical department goes ahead and puts that prescription into the appropriate lenses, which may be bifocals or trifocals as necessary. All that remains at that point is to find a pair of frames to go around those lenses. That’s the fun part. It used to be that many children resisted getting glasses, but nowadays we find that most of them are excited about the prospect. A big reason is our Roslyn children’s eyewear. With frames that are made to match up with what kids like, it’s easy to understand. We carry a full line of designer brands, and each set of frames is made to fit children perfectly.

Use the contact tab at the top of our website to make an appointment for your child’s eye exam. Or call us if you prefer. He or she will love getting our Roslyn children’s eyewear.

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