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Importance of a Yearly Eye Examination

Roslyn Heights Optometry Office
Roslyn Heights Optometry Office

At Roslyn Eye Centre, our Roslyn Heights optometry office doctors know how important it is to check eyes each year with an exam. Each patient is urged to come in annually for their checkup. Adults should have their prescription checked at least once every two years to make sure it’s up to date and that nothing has changed. An old prescription can cause headaches and eye strain if the vision has changed at all.

Once children enter school, they should have a full exam at least once every two years. With both adults and children, any changes in vision can signal a more serious eye condition. Children should have their eyes checked starting at 6 months old. Proper vision is crucial to education and development, so after their initial exam, kids should have another by age 3-4, and one more right before entering school. Vision problems can impact kids’ schoolwork, their ability to see the board, and their ability to play sports. School vision tests do not always catch certain types of eye conditions. As kids get older, they may need eyeglasses. Over time the demands placed on their eyesight increase, and that’s usually the first time that nearsightedness or farsightedness shows up.

Our annual eye test will check deeper to look for more disease or eye problems. Our Roslyn Heights optometry office also carries a large selection of affordable eyewear for everyone. We have budget as well as designer frames, and our eye associates can help you pick something out that’s right for you. We carry special frames for kids, because these frames are usually durable enough to stand up to a child’s wear and tear. Ask about our contact lens selection as well, which is good for those who wish to not wear corrective frames.

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